Saturday, June 14, 2014

Hardest Goodbye

And i'm sorry if sometimes it seems like i don't care because i don't know how to or how to show that i do because i just, sometimes, have moments where i don't care about anything and anyone especially myself. I'm sorry sometimes i get so cold and i just want to get away from everyone. I'm sorry sometimes I'm unsure of how i feel. I'm sorry sometimes the feeling suddenly disappear and i get sick of myself and i'm sorry how sometimes i forget how i feel about you, that i don't even know what i feel because, i just don't feel. I'm sorry i have my moments where i ignore you or everyone around. I'm sorry you might just love me more than i could love you or even myself. I'm sorry that i wish you would leave because you deserve so much better and all that i'm gonna bring is heartache and that i might never feel content because i've gotten to that point where nothing could help me because i'm just too depress. For the sake of us, this is my last goodbye.

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