Wednesday, August 20, 2014

and the list go on

Alhamdulillah untuk setiap saat yg diberi oleh Allah untuk menjalankan segala aktiviti.

so i started with

21 & 22 aug - sleepover with syerra, since this is the last time that we can spend our time together before she fly to UK,

22 aug (night) - Alumni Homecoming Dinner at SCC

24 aug - FRIM Kepong with isma azlin n afiqah! dah sebulan kot tak exercise, hopefully tak pancit la nanti inshaaAllah

28 & 29 aug - sleepover with farah & aneez, sebab dah lama gila takjumpa! & planning to go to bukit cherakah sebab dorang ckp dorg takhabis2 post comment in my insta insisting to go there with me haha so layankan jela kerenah dua orang ni.

1 september - bawak afiqah n sab to laman seni shah alam and to upstairs cafe as they wanted to try the food there

more to come, ena & kinah are going back to malaysia this september & opie's kenduri .

and the list go on....