Sunday, August 31, 2014

with love

Salam and good evening

wah dah mcm nak berpidato pulak dah. oh well i need a blogging therapy. it has been months since i last post the activities that i have gone through. so yeah moving on. last week i went to bukit cherakah, guess who with me? it is Aneez & Farah. yeah my roommates back then when i was in TGB. i guess it is a small reunion with the girls, eventhough maya can't join us but yeah, you are still in our heart maya (not to forget you ok).

ni titi gantung kat sana! tapi mcm tersorok sikit

so lets cut it out, we had our sleepover at farah's house on that night. we spend our night with stories and yeah bila gegirls jumpa, mcm biasa lah bising gila kan haha ada one time tu as we enter Watsons (kot), and then kitorg cam excited gila bercerita gelak semua but then tetiba there is one guy which is the cashier with his friends mcm pandang kitorg semacam pastu shusshh at us. hahahahha ok malu senanye but then buat tebal muka jela. Pagi tu ya Allah semua liat gila nak bangun pastu overslept. masyaaAllah i feel bad for lewatkan subuh. Astaghfirughlahhalazim. 

so after getting ready then we went to bukit cherakah as planned and yeah we had fun, walaupun rushing skit because weolls bangun lambat and we have to go back before solat jumaat. It was my 2nd time being there. & yeah recently i have been to FRIM (which is located at Kepong bandar semua orang suka hon tak tentu pasal haha) also sebab tetiba rasa mcm nak buat some other FUN & HEALTHY activities rather than lepak at mall and watch movies and all. suasana at tempat2 mcm ni ya Allah very the calming uolls. i can feel that i am very close to the nature. walaupun haritu panjat bukit kat FRIM halfway but yeah i still feel proud of myself (takbur sgt) haha. 

cycling is the best for u to kuatkan otot kaki hehe sampai lebam2 la kaki sebab dah lama sgt tak cycling, the last time was in high school i guess? haha 

i guess i should build up my stamina before i went to climb any hill kot. preparation tu penting! so that you would enjoy the activities. more places to go soon inshaaAllah! toodles