Thursday, October 2, 2014

hit and run

salam wrh!
Alhamdulillah it is october already. been busy with college activities recently that i didnt realise my last post was in last month and that is the only post in sept haha :p
sekarang pergi mana2 pun rushing even nak lepak with my friends pun i have to schedule n keep rescheduling it back.
amboi mcm dah berkerjaya dah pulak kan, hoping i get to manage my time well inshaaAllah.
okay disebabkan lately ni i have to rush over here n there so smalam i decided to go back with my friend, Afiqah bcos biasanya balik at 6.30 and the traffic mmg packed la.
nak dijadikan cerita it was raining around 5 mcmtu and we're in the federal highway going back to damansara.
dok cerita blablabla with her pastu suddenly we heard a bang pastu kitorg mcm dah terkedepan. Alhamdulillah n luckily i was wearing the seatbelt (because usually i didnt woops :p)  at that time.
we're shocked pastu mcm the car sbelah us pun dh mcm tertoleh2 tgok kitorg, malu jugakla kan because the car wasnt tinted at all pastu dgn our reaction lagi phewww
i almost thought that we're injured pastu berdarah heavily n then the car teruk habis haha drama sgt kan
Alhamdulillah it wasnt. but surprisingly the car langsung tak pndg kitorg n then blah just like that.
kitorg siap berhenti kat tepi just to make way for him to see us and expect him to stop too, just to take his phone number but unfortunately he just went away and drive like nothing happen just now, phewww
and he managed to escape as it was raining heavily at that time.
kitorg yg dlm kereta mmg dah pasrah habis pastu bila nak lodge report pun mcm dah malas sebab it was hit n run accident so nothing can be done without his consent to be accountable urgh
just for you guys out there kalau kena dgn org mcmni no need to go after them sebab org mcmtu mmg takkan nak be responsible fr their act. just doakan he would repent, inshaaAllah
just fr you to know, this is my 2nd time being involved in accident. tapi it was not as bad as my first time, Alhamdulillah. hoping that those yg kena jgn trauma ok! be strong and drive safely :) drive safelyyy people!