Saturday, June 20, 2015

penuhkan saf depan, it is sunnah!

Salam wrh & salam ramadhan! Alhamdulillah ya Allah fr the chance utk still bernafas. Couldnt be more happier as this ramadhan is also my holidaysss yeay! hopefully i can make full use of my leisure time this ramadhan inshaaAllah. Oh and it is 3rd ramadhan tomorrow! Alhamdulillah masih boleh berpuasa. Just come back from tarawih, yeah this yr i decided to go fr tarawih prayers bcse yeah i just missed the old time when i was in tgb... time flies huh? Dulu kemain lagi liat nak pi tarawih at surau but now i kinda appreciate that moment as not even one night i missed the terawih there (except for bila ABC la) dulu there was this time we all taught that if saf takrapat semua kena marah but now yeah since it is sunnah so people are not taking it seriously. Selalu je bila tgok saf kosong in the middle there n there. But yeah when i move to there, tempat lain yg ksong and so on. Sometimes ada tu ksian tgok org yg beria suruh penuhkan saf n yet people are just ignoring them. so yeah people! Fill up the front saf, it is sunnah!